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From art to fashion


Through experimentation and use of various artistic techniques, I create abstract patterns telling stories printed on garments.

I am  based in Hamar, Norway. Surrounded by Norwegian nature I create abstract paintings where I express my impressions from the nature.  Quite often we recognize shifts in colours and tone during a day, a week and a month.

In my paintings, I use mixed media such as spray, ink, pastels, charcoal and acrylic. I often make layers to activate the tactile sense and therefore I also use my hands directly into the paint and onto the surface to make the process an important part of the painting. The depht and the structure tell it`s own stories.

Next up is to transfer the print in to different fabrics.


The files are sent to the factory for printing on the desired fabric and for sewing.  I use natural fabrics as wool, cashemere and silk and it gives a feeling of pure magic when you discover how art can transform classic clothing to become more vital and unique.

Therese.enger.andersen_over de syv hav_0

Innlandsutstillingen 2019 i Hamar kulturhus

Artscarf "Over the seven seas" // cashmere and modal


For more information about products, retailers and issues or if you just want to say hi, get in touch.

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