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No. 5000 Soft pink

No. 5000 Soft pink

Alternativ 1: Blue
  • Design

    This scarf has print from the paintings made by Therese Enger.

    From my originals, I make digital files that I send to my textilefabrics for them to print the design on the demanded material.

    I always use high quality materials as silk, wool, cashmere, modal and linen for longlivety. This is our common contribution for our precious planet.

    Enjoy your new scarf!

  • Material

    100 % cotton

  • Size

    65x65 cm

  • Care instructions

    How do you take care of cotton scarves?

    Wash: Cotton get wrinkled and deep stain very easily. In order to wash cotton scarves, first pre-treat stains if any with cleanser and always use warm water to wash. Dry: Cotton gets shirked on too much drying so keep drying time shorter. Hang it on clean hanger and place it in mild sunlight making inside out.

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