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No. 1024 Smaragd



This vibrant silkscarf is made by 100% silk twill. The twill has a better hold of your styling and will not slide as easily as a silk satin. The design and the print is from original painting by Therese Enger.

"Surrounded by Norwegian nature I creates abstract paintings where I express my  impressions from the nature.  Quite often we recognize shifts in colours and tone during a day, a week and a month.

In my  paintings, I use mixed media such as spray, ink, pastels, charcoal and acrylic and also tempera which has a natural and soft feel to the final painting. I often make layers to activate the tactile sense and therefore I also use my hands directly into the paint and onto the surface to make the process an important part of the painting. The depht and the structure tell it`s own stories".

Size: 85 x 85 cm

The scarf has handhemmed edges for that luxurious touch.

Wash with cold water or preferable use dry cleaning and you will enjoy your  new garment for many ears to come.

The scarf is delivered in a beautiful giftbox.


Lovely silk scarf with art motif

Material and care

 Material care:



Care instructions for silk:


Gentle cleaning: Hand wash in cool water with a silk-friendly detergent or use a delicate machine cycle in a mesh laundry bag. Gently squeeze excess water, and lay flat on a towel to absorb moisture.


You can iron your silk using low heat while slightly damp, with a pressing cloth.


Keep the silk item in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Hang or roll loosely to prevent wrinkles.

To avoid stains mindful of perfumes and makeup while wearing your scarf.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me.



Slik tar du vare på silkeskjerfet ditt:

Vask for hånd med et silkevennlig vaskemiddel eller bruk en skånsom maskinsyklus i en vaskepose for silke.Du kan også skylle skjerfet i kjølig vann, klem forsiktig ut overflødig vann og legg flatt på et håndkle for å absorbere fuktighet.


Silkeskjerfet kan strykes. Bruk lav varme mens skjerfet er lett fuktig, og bruk et pressetøy mellom strykejernet og skjerfet.


Oppbevar silkeproduktet på et kjølig, tørt sted, vekk fra direkte sollys. Heng eller rull løst for å unngå rynker. Unngå flekker: Vær forsiktig med parfyme og sminke når du bruker silke.


Disse trinnene vil bidra til å bevare kvaliteten til ditt produkt i silke. Hvis du har spørsmål, ikke nøl med å kontakte meg.


Product description