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About me

Diverse male pensler og maling.

I have had the pleasure of sharing my passion with a variety of people through my paintings, textiles and creative projects. From arranging painting classes for children and adults to participating in performance art together with PS Dans, I have explored different ways to share my art and inspiration.

When I paint, I explore a variety of techniques and tools, from acrylic paint to ink, spray, charcoal, pastels and watercolors. Each stroke of the brush tells a unique story, and through experimentation with different mediums I seek to create unique and tactile works of art.

It has been an adventurous journey, filled with unforgettable moments and meetings with wonderful people.

About me

Statue i en kunstutstilling.

As part of my vision to support and promote artistic talent, I plan to open a new gallery in the center of Hamar. Gallery 35 will be a meeting place for artists and art enthusiasts, where creativity can flourish and inspiration can take place. Here you can also buy my art scarves, kimono and other products.


While I celebrate the past and all that I have accomplished so far, I know that there are so many more opportunities that await me in the future. I look forward to exploring new ideas and projects, and to continuing to grow and develop as an artist and designer.

With my upcoming showroom and studio elsewhere, I look forward to exploring greater opportunities for creative expression. I hope to be able to create a place where art and design can flourish and inspire both myself and others.

Thank you for being a part of my journey and I look forward to exploring the future with you!

Abstrakt maleri.

In addition to my paintings, I also create textiles with prints from my artwork, which you can see here in the online shop, among other things. Using Lightroom and Photoshop, I digitally adapt my files and then produce a range of textile products such as art scarves, kimonos, cushion covers, eye masks and gym clothes. My main products are my art scarves, made from high quality materials such as silk, cashmere and wool.

For the production of my textile products, I have connections to factories in both China and Italy. These collaborations allow me to maintain the high quality and craftsmanship that characterizes my brand, while also allowing me to reach a wider audience through large-scale production.

I am proud of my renowned retailers of textiles such as Lillehammer Kunstmuseum, Norway Designs, and Norsk Flid Husfliden. With the help of these, as well as my online shop, I reach out to customers throughout Norway.

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