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No 3012 Over the Seven Seas /b&w



Warm and super-soft scarf with art print with double-sided print.

Material: 25% silk and 75% wool

Size: 180 cm x 65 cm

Hand-stitched edges.


Art and design by Therese Enger, Norway.


Cleaning instructions: Rinse or hand wash with detergent for wool or silk.

Dry the scarf flat and iron it.  The scarf comes in a beautiful gift box - the perfect gift for your loved one.


"Surrounded by Norwegian nature, I create abstract paintings in which I express my impressions of nature.  We often see shifts in colours and tones over the course of a day, a week or a month.


In my paintings, I use mixed materials such as spray, ink, pastel, charcoal, acrylic and tempera, which gives a natural and soft touch to the finished painting. I often add layers to activate the tactile sense, which is why I also use my hands directly in the paint and on the surface to make the process an important part of the painting. The depth and structure tell their own stories."  Therese Enger


"The joy of getting dressed is an art"



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